Pro Testosterone Side Effects

The Best Options to Avoid Pro Testosterone Side Effects


One of the hot topics under debate among people who are seriously trying to lose weight or build muscle mass include pro testosterone side effects. Part of the discussion arose due to several bans issued by the FDA along with warnings for certain pro testosterone boosting supplements, prohormones, and steroid supplements. The major concerns in this discussion are distinguishing which products are banned and which ones are not and preventing testosterone booster side effects.

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Finding the Best Options

Take note that the FDA did not ban all pro-testosterone booster products. The ban covers only some of the said products. It is unfortunate though (as of the date of posting this review post on this site) that the FDA was not able to test all related products and brands to help consumers distinguish which products they should use and which ones to avoid.

pro testosterone side effects

Given the current scenario, the search is still on for best testosterone supplements for men. Of course, product identification is one of the keys that consumers can use in order to remain on the safe side. In their search, consumers should look into is to know what symptoms to look for.

Know and Understand the Symptoms

Consumers should take some effort to research possible symptoms that may have arisen due to the consumption of certain products before actually purchasing them. It won’t hurt to read pro-testosterone reviews on the Internet and it really won’t take a lot of time.

When you read the reviews, take note of possible symptoms that people report regarding products they have tried. Some of the symptoms to take note of include the following:

  • Hair loss
  • Acne
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Genycomastia or gyno (i.e. enlarged breasts)
  • Impotence
  • Bloating
  • Reduced libido

It should be noted that testosterone itself does not cause these pro testosterone side effects. What really causes these side effects in human beings is the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and estrogen. This conversion is a natural process in the human body because it is trying to maintain homeostasis. Remember that any testosterone booster injections in men, pills or supplements will cause an increase in estrogen levels.

Testosterone pills side effects

Professional body builders are still able to safely use testosterone boosters without experiencing any of the testosterone pills side effects mentioned above. The secret is to minimize the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and you eventually stay safe. Simply put, control the estrogen levels your body produces and you control majority of the pro testosterone supplements side effects.

This ultimately means taking the right amounts of estrogen blockers along with your testosterone supplements. You should consult your fitness trainer or your doctor regarding which estrogen blocker is best suited for your needs.

Apply Time Tested Wisdom

Everyone knows that too much of a good thing can eventually lead to negative effects. This means that if consumers use safe and effective pro testosterone products they may still get side effects if they use it too much. Well, how can people know when it is too much?

The bottom line at this point is liver care. Remember that anything that we consume including supplements gets filtered by the liver. Prolonged use of testosterone boosters will eventually take a good toll on a human being’s internal organs.

Some fitness experts recommend a six to eight week supplement cycle. Avoid going for a 12 week use of pro testosterone natural supplements. Best practice is to consult your doctor and fitness trainer to work up a program that best suits your individual needs.

Know Where to Buy It Safely

Another thing that people can do to protect themselves is by buying only from authorized sellers on the Internet. Remember that safe pro testosterone boosting supplements can only be bought through the seller’s official website and not in stores. Purchasing cheaper products may lead to negative pro testosterone pills side effects.

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These products are available in various countries including the USA, South Africa, Australia, Dubai, India, Canada, Italy, and Ireland. Consumers can increase testosterone levels safely by purchasing online from authorized retailers and they can eventually avoid pro testosterone side effects.


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